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Let's do all of your housework cleaning for you.

Do you need house cleaning services to make your home sparkle again? We’ve got you covered! Cleaning Port Douglas is the #1 rated house cleaning service in Port Douglas, QLD, Australia. Our services are designed to clean different parts of your home without you having to move an inch.

Continuous home usage will lead to deposits of dirt and stains in different parts of the home. Thoroughly cleaning up the other parts of the house is a strenuous job. And you may also be unable to fit the cleaning chore into your schedule. Would you then leave the house unattended? That would be a terrible solution. What you need is a professional house cleaning service.

Cleaning Port Douglas is happy to help with your housework and cleaning chores. Considering the task’s scale, it may sound like a fairy tale, but our experts are glad to clean for you. Our cleaners are recruited, trained and ready to work in getting your apartment sparkling again. Spend your time on other things and leave the cleaning to professionals.

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    Isla A. from Manoora, 4870

    “I was always worried about my house’s wood floor cleaning. Despite trying out various cleaners, I never received the desired results. Then I read about Cleaning Cairns on the internet. Their team came up and listened carefully to my requirements. They precisely worked how I wanted them to work. Therefore, delivering desirable results. I will happily recommend their services to everyone.”

    Reliable Cleaning Services You Can Avail at Port Douglas

    Cleaning Port Douglas is renowned for its stellar service. We are a top-rated agency in Port Douglas, QLD, Australia. We have a long-standing in the industry and are a trusted brand for so many homes. Our experts have handled numerous projects and use this valuable experience to take future cleaning jobs. Without any doubt, our service’s quality is consistent, and we will continue to do what we enjoy – to bring a smile to the face of homeowners.

    There is nothing more satisfying than getting home to a clean apartment, and we have the right tools, equipment and expertise to make that happen. We have been able to work on numerous projects with lots of positive reviews as a testament to our service quality. Our team of experts are reliable as we employ only the best hands to work for us. Without any doubt, they will ease the amount of work that you will put yourself through.

    Cleaning Port Douglas is a cleaning agency that is trustworthy and reliable. Our reputation as an outstanding house cleaning service in Port Douglas is integral to our success, just like the safety and security of the homeowner and his/her family. We are consistent with our work quality, and it’s easier for clients to trust us.

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    cleaners of Cleaning Cairns wearing mask and gloves for expert cleaning
    professional cleaners in Port Douglas doing one-off cleaning services
    house cleaners removing dirt from the white cabinet
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    Leading Cleaning Services in Port Douglas

    Cleaning Port Douglas offers all of its clients professional, customised and flexible domestic cleaning services. We are set to help you clean up your living space, as well as save your precious time.

    We offer a list of high-quality custom services that will leave no stone unturned. It means that it’s our job to clean your house exactly how you want it done. Our expert team is fully capable of performing flawlessly to clean all the dirt previously accumulated in your home.

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    What should you expect from a professional cleaner in Port Douglas?

    As a part of our service, you should expect:

    • Dusting
    • Linen changing
    • Scrub and clean mirrors
    • Cobweb removal
    • Sweep and mop floor
    • Oven cleaning
    • Washing
    • Kitchen Cleaning
    • Fridge cleaning
    • Wiping of surfaces
    • Vacuuming
    • Bathroom cleaning
    • Empty rubbish bins
    • Scrub and disinfect the sink
    • Pantry tidying, and so on.
    spotless clean living room with a sofa and a chair

    Prestige House Cleaning

    Because of the inception of our brand, we have handled home cleaning services. Cleaning Port Douglas is aware of practices and techniques that can get the most efficient results. It’s going to be like a dream come true for you and your family. All you have to do is book an appointment and let us do our work.

    When cleaning your home, we make sure to pay attention to all parts of the house without ignoring the homeowners’ preferences. We have realised that every family has their own set of choices which must be adhered to for a successful project. Our cleaners will note your requests and fuse them into our custom trading plan. A great thing about our service is that you get things done when you want.

    We aim to perform residential house cleaning with a level of efficacy that you have never seen before. Due to our experience, our experts are familiar with what it takes to a spotless home. As a result, we will identify problem areas quickly and get them as clean as possible. Our experts can achieve satisfactory results through the use of high-end products and equipment.

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    One-off Cleaning

    Cleaning Port Douglas offers one-off cleaning services to different properties. Our cleaning services are a great idea to help you clear out the dust and dirt in your apartment and refresh the inside of your home.

    The truth is that even if you had a regular cleaning schedule, certain stains and spots would start to become permanent as dirt builds up in different parts of the home. At this stage, what you need is a cleaning company that will take care of everything for you at once. That’s what we, Cleaning Port Douglas, are offering you.

    At Cleaning Port Douglas, we offer affordable one-off cleaning services in Port Do, Douglas. We will bring in our cleaning equipment and products, so you have nothing to worry about it. Our cleaners will touch every spot and leave your home looking refreshed. We know how to get rid of those tough stains and marks. There’s no doubt that you’ll notice a difference when we are done.

    expert house cleaners scrubbing the floor

    End of Lease Cleaning

    Do you have plans to move into a new apartment and need someone to clean up the old one because of your end of the lease agreement? Cleaning Port Douglas offers house cleaning services to prepare your apartment for the end of the lease.

    We will dust the property’s furniture, empty the trash, eliminate refuse, vacuum the carpets, remove cobwebs, sweep and mop all floors, clean mirrors, etc. We will leave no stone unturned, and everything would appear good as new.

    We have designed an effective system that has done us the best cleaning service in Port Douglas. We have helped numerous clients with their end of lease cleaning and produced them satisfactorily.

    trusted Port Douglas cleaner doing a residential carpet cleaning

    Evie H. from Stratford, 4870

    “None of our family members find time to clean the house as we are all busy with our work. But it was only when we started noticing health concerns that we realized the importance of cleaning. I immediately contacted the professionals of Cleaning Cairns. They arrived on time and made our house squeaky clean. I would say everyone should try their services once. This way, they will realize what other cleaners aren’t providing to them.”

    Office Cleaning

    Unlike the home, offices are sites of high traffic activity. As a result, more dirt accumulates in different parts of the office. Cleaners must clean office space regularly to ensure the free flow of day to day activities. Cleaning Port Douglas is an expert at office cleaning and will take care of your surroundings.

    Our company offers commercial cleaning services to multiples Australian businesses. We can handle small or large projects ranging from entire office floors to receptions of medical facilities in suburbs. Cleaners of Port Douglas have something for everyone, and you can trust us to respect your confidentiality.

    Cleaning Port Douglas is not your regular cleaning company and has continuously proven the quality of our work. We do our best to keep our cleaners happy in a bid to protect the interest of clients. Our practical work ethics and commitment to high quality are responsible for our consistent satisfactory results.

    office cleaning services provided by Cleaning Cairns

    Deep Cleaning Services

    Cleaning Port Douglas offers deep cleaning services that will make living spaces squeaky clean. Our service covers all aspects of the house in a thorough cleaning experience. What’s even better, Cleaning Port Douglas has the best hands in the business with the skill to intense clean different types and sizes of homes.

    A deep clean is inevitable; every home requires domestic after some time to maintain the home’s living conditions. If your home is not cleaned in a long time, there will be a buildup of dirt, dust and grime. If you have been unable to clean up because of a busy schedule or because you haven’t been to identify an affordable, reliable domestic cleaning service.

    There is a difference between deep cleaning services to regular house cleaning as it requires other methods and tools. Without the right tools and approach, it would be impossible to thoroughly clean and sanitise a home. With Cleaning Port Douglas, you don’t have to worry about getting a great job done on your home. We will also complete the entire project within the expected timeframe to avoid disturbing your daily schedule. Cleaning Port Douglas is your first-choice, professional cleaning service.

    cleaners wearing a complete cleaning outfit doing a deep cleaning services

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    Cleaning Port Douglas is the top-rated cleaning service in Port Douglas and all of QLD. We offer a list of effective cleaning services to take care of your property. We employ only the best cleaners to work with us, and each of them is provided with high-quality products and equipment. Alongside efficient service, our brand also offers customer support to deal with your complaints and enquiries.

    Contact us today to get started and to get a free quote.

    You can also check some testimonials of our trusted customers

    “While I was vacating my previous rented house, I was informed of the end of lease cleaning at the last moment. As I was already busy with packing and dealing with the new house’s paperwork, I didn’t know how to handle this cleaning task. I then searched over the internet and found that Cleaning Cairns could help me out. I contacted their team regarding my issue. They booked an appointment for me and sent their team on time. My then landlord and I were impressed by their cleaning business. Their professionals made the house cleaner than it ever was.”

    Eden Martin

    “We made a sudden party plan at our residence. Several people were supposed to be coming to our house, which was extremely dirty because I didn’t have time to clean it. The significant problem was that we didn’t have enough time to get it regular-cleaned or deep-cleaned. Then I remembered about Cleaning Cairns’s one-off cleaning services. I booked them immediately. Their expert team made my house crystal clean for the event. Thanks to them, I didn’t have to face any embarrassment due to my dirty home. Instead, everyone praised the clean house.”


    Jacob White

    “They come and clean my office weekly. However, one or the other employee was always complaining about the dirty areas left behind. One of my friends then recommended me to try out Cleaning Cairns. I called the team and explain to them my problem. They booked an appointment and sent the team for work at the decided time. With their professional cleaning services, I was able to get rid of all the dirt-related issues in my place.”

    Cooper Kelly

    Local Cleaning Company You Can Rely on in Cairns, Port Douglas

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